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Terry's Beauty    Terry's Beauty_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb 3b-136bad5cf58d_

Located in Le Lamentin, the TERRY'S BEAUTY beauty institute specializes in eyebrow restructuring (Microblading, Shading, Microshading) with a technique adapted to the different types of eyebrows and the desire of the client.

The TERRY'S BEAUTY institute also offers you slimming program treatments (Lipocavitation, radiofrequency, etc.), contributing to a redesigned silhouette, reduced cellulite, an impact on your well-being as well as inside and outside your body.

The TERRY'S BEAUTY institute in Le Lamentin,  offers you through its various activities to take care of yourself and your beauty in one and the same place.

The TERRY'S BEAUTY institute in Le Lamentin is the beauty and well-being institute that all women need, in a warm, smiling and relaxing atmosphere.

Here  time is taking a break, yours!

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