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Soins du corps

Body Care 



New cold laser technology. Visible red light emits a wavelength of 630 to 650 nm. The laser radiation allows the destruction of the fatty cells and the obtaining of a cutaneous retraction.

In short, lipolysis is a fat destruction technique. It helps to destroy fat and tighten the skin.



The vaccum performs dermo-pressure to stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation in order to evacuate lipids and toxins. The use of this pressure/decompression is coupled simultaneously with radio frequency for better diffusion. Vaccum is indicated in addition to radiofrequency on the body.

Soins du regard

Eye care 

Eyelash Extension 

classic lash extensions.png

A beautiful fringe of ultra glamorous eyelashes that lasts from morning until evening without the need for a hair of mascara, do you like it? Just thinking about it makes you dream! What if we told you that this dream could come true? Of course it is possible, thanks to the eyelash extensions  simply. This technique allows an even more stunning result than with mascara, regardless of the thickness and length of your natural eyelashes. Once the extensions are applied, your lash fringe will be thick and curled to perfection.

There are two different techniques:

  • The eyelash to eyelash to bring length and intensity to the

look using synthetic material extensions on a natural eyelash.  

  • The hybrid technique, which consists of bringing

volume and intensity by applying bouquets made up of very fine to extra-fine eyelash extensions.


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